Note: WP 3.6 Update & Media Integration

WordPress version 3.6 was released early last week, and I’ll be updating the site once I finish confirming compatibility with all of our existing (or at least necessary) plugins and modifications.  If you’re curious about the changes the update to 3.6 will bring, you can peep the WP 3.6 News Release or the (more) complete list of changes on the WordPress Codex.

On a (mostly) related note, one of the big features touted for 3.6 is its easy integration of streamed audio/video.  The version of WP we’re currently using already has this feature—albeit in a slightly less robust fashion.  Presently, and in the future, if you want to embed an audio or video file from another site (e.g. the Rune Madsen video I proposed by way of an answer to my own questions on the Real Philosophy page), all you have to do is paste the video’s URL into the Visual Tab of the Post/Page editor.  WordPress will take care of the rest.  There are a few limitations to what WP is able to automatically embed, but since that list will be changing once we upgrade to 3.6, I’ll hold off bothering you with the details.

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