“I Sure Don’t Need to Read This”: One Way of Dismissing APP. APP's Non-Readers Talk Back! Too.

“I’m afraid I don’t like your manner,” he said, using the edge of his voice.
“I’ve had complaints about it,” I said. “But nothing seems to do any good.”
–Philip Marlowe*

*In R. Chandler, Farewell My Lovely (New York: First Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, 1992), p. 51.

APP Editors’ note: Y’All is a tenured full professor of philosophy at a well-off East Coast university.

Y’All: It is sad, that the topic of professional philosophy outside academia—a topic that is important and could be approached productively—is seen by y’all as an occasion for snark, insults, and posturing.

I sure don’t need to read this.

Z: Many thanks! for your dismissive comment.

We’ve had complaints about our bad attitude, but nothing seems to do any good.

We take it that by “productively,” you mean that in order for you to be able to read us and talk to us about philosophy from the outside, we’d have to play by your conversational rules and conform to your normative presupposition that contemporary professional academic philosophy and being a card-carrying member of The Fortune 500 Philosophy Club are philosophically good things, yes?

But, sadly, we’re not playing by your rules, and we don’t accept your presupposition.
In any case!, we’ve written loads of serious posts on the topic of philosophy outside the Professional Academic State, for example:

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