Interlude: Quick Tips, Tricks, Trivially Stupid Stuff

Today, just some quick blurbs for a quick update.

  • You may notice some new “boxes” at the bottom of your Edit Post/Page screen. Specifically, boxes titled Readers, Contributors, and Editors, and then some stuff about “Restrict for post… blah… blah… lots of checkboxes… blah.” And possibly some new Dashboard items like Restrictions and Roles.  NO MUCKING ABOUT WITH THAT STUFF JUST YET.  I’ll post about it once it’s fully up and running.  (If you don’t see the boxes I’m talking about, then that probably means I’ve fixed the problem… or you’re blind. Either ‘problem fixed’ or ‘unobservant user’: you should pretend you didn’t read this.)
  • Although I’ve been having you login using an address with a direct link to  /wp-login.php, you can also login at URL/login.  For instance, when the site finally goes live, you’ll be able to access the login page at either: —or—

    Huge difference, I know! 😉

  • You can control the line breaks of your post titles by inserting a line-break tag wherever you’d naturally insert a soft line-break.  Just add “<br />” (without the quotation marks) to the title box. For instance, the title for this particular post is:
    Interlude:<br />Quick Tips & Tricks<br />& Trivially Stupid Stuff

    It turns out that the title box will accept most simple inline HTML tags (e.g. <em>, <strong>), but take care not to over use it.  Also, keep in mind that the line-break tag is one of the few tags that is its own opening and closing tag.  Nope.  Changed my mind.  Don’t do this as it’ll muck things up elsewhere.  It’s still interesting to know that it can be done … but don’t.

  • Preformatted text (like the above; check your style dropdown) is mostly intended for examples of code and other bits of text where the line breaks and spacing are über-important.  (Gak!  What a terrible, pop-misuse of the term ‘über-“.)  You should be able to scroll right if you cannot see the entire line.  I have no idea why you’d ever need to use pre formatted text on this particular site, but it’s there if needed.
  • The various boxes on your Dashboard (which includes the post/page edit screens) can be rearranged by dragging their title bars.  Triangles in their upper right corners allow you to expand/contract the content of the box.
  • If you haven’t realized it already: there’s an app for that (and a whatever-they-call-apps on Android, too).

What next?  Leave me a comment (as practice, if you like) and let me know what’s vexing you about the site.

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