Canon Wars, Round 2: The Multi-Culti Critique of Western Philosophy.

Mainstream contemporary professional academic philosophy is seriously under attack, and not just by APP. In a recent edgy essay, “Taking Down Descartes: The Canon Wars,” I critically analyzed and historically contextualized Christia Mercer’s very interesting New York Times article from 25 September 2017, “Descartes Is Not Our Father,” and drew two main conclusions: It’s … … [continue reading]

The Rational Human Condition 3, Deep Freedom and Real Persons: A Study in Metaphysics, Section 2.7–Conclusion.

“The Human Condition,” by Thomas Whitaker/Prison Arts Coalition THE RATIONAL HUMAN CONDITION is a five-part, four-book series, including: PART 1: Preface and General Introduction PART 2: Cognition, Content, and the A Priori: A Study in the Philosophy of Mind and Knowledge PART 3:  Deep Freedom and Real Persons: A Study in Metaphysics PART 4: Kantian … [continue reading]