All About Habermas.

In this occasional disquisition on the many things philosophers are not known for we come to another of the Frankfurt school, Jürgen Habermas. This is likely to be a large entry into the annals, since Habermas was not known for almost everything, certainly including: nanotechnology and the prophets of doom breeding Manx cats crimes of … [continue reading]

Two Months Later: How The Native Hue of My New Year’s Resolutions Is Sicklied O’er With The Pale Cast of Song.

Happy New Year’s Resolutions, 1 March 2019 NOTE: Backing Track “Bluesin” Elite backing Tracks Happy New Year  It’s time for resolutions and doing all the deeds we promise to do I’m up to 99, they’re mounting up on my side and if anyone tries to stop me woe betide I’m helping little old ladies cross … [continue reading]


Reality … You’re confusing me I trusted you I believed in you Reality you’re betraying me why can’t we be the way we used to be Reality you’re like a brother to me, always something dear to me A friend in need a friend in deed and now you say you’re going to leave me? … [continue reading]

M’accuse! Marcuse.

I can’t claim not to know anything about Herbert Marcuse, for five good reasons. 1. People would say, oh no, not this old ploy; you’re not sucking me in this time. 2. My greenie, leftie, progressive, touchy-feely, warm-and-cuddly reputation would be shot to shit. 3. I would have to seriously have to consider, on reflection, … [continue reading]

Where Is Erich Fromm?

At this moment of writing, I have absolutely no knowledge of my topic. This will be an adventure for both of us. Me, and my topic. Maybe for you too. So as not to be accused of know-it-all status except-for-this-one-thing, I am going to add another topic, in fact another person, about whom I also … [continue reading]