Tractatus Logico-Trumpolinus.

Professor Trumpolini in academic garb on a windy day at the Fall Convocation, University of The Great Wall, 16 December 2016.

APP Editors’ Note: Professor Trumpolini holds the John Birch Society Extremely Well-Endowed, Extremely Well-Funded, and Extremely Distinguished University Professorship in Political Metaphysics at the University of The Great Wall, Del Rio TX.

He is also the illegitimate grandson of Benito Mussolini–

Edda Mussolini (1 September 1910 – 9 April 1995) was the eldest child of Benito Mussolini, Italy’s fascist dictator from 1922 to 1943. Upon her marriage to fascist propagandist and foreign minister Galeazzo Ciano she became Edda Ciano, Countess of Cortellazzo and Buccari. Her husband was executed in January 1944 for dissenting from Mussolini’s rule. She strongly denied her involvement in the National Fascist Party regime and had an affair with a Communist, Frederico Trumpolini, after her father’s execution by the Italian partisans in April 1945. The affair produced an illegitimate son, Donaldo, born in 1946. (Source: Wikipedia)

The logico-philosophical treatise printed below is Professor Trumpolini’s devastating reply to Z’s “Brief Inauguration Day Reply” to Professor Trumpolini’s recent essay, “American Fascism.”

1. The alt-world is all that is and is not the case.

1.1 The alt-world is the totality of alt-facts, not of things.

1.11 The alt-world is determined by the alt-facts, and by these being all the alt-facts.

1.12 For the totality of alt-facts determines, by means of The Twitter and The Multiply-Repeated Tweet, both what is the case, and also all that is not the case.

1.13 The alt-facts in logical space are the alt-world.

1.2 The alt-world divides into alt-facts.

1.21 Any alt-fact can either be the case or not be the case, depending on The Twitter and The Multiply-Repeated Tweet, and everything else remain the same.

2. If a Multiply-Repeated Tweet says that there was voter-fraud in the 2016 Alt-USA Presidential Election, and that Donald Trump won The Alt-Popular Vote, then that is the case.

3. If a Multiply-Repeated Tweet says that what a mainstream media news report says is Fake News in the alt-world, then that news report is not the case.

4. If a Multiply-Repeated Tweet says that there were billions of people at President Donald Trump’s Alt-Inauguration, then that is the case.

5. Whereof one cannot Tweet, thereof one must be silent.