Quote Format

“A quick description of each of the various formats included in this theme can be found at http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/twentyeleven/.  And if I haven’t said it already (and I know I have): any of this stuff can be changed/tweaked/modified/thrown-away.”

—Some guy w/o a union card.

This post uses the Quote format.  It is intended for posts that primarily consist of a quotation, and may require tweaking to help standardize our chosen method of citation.  I also want to “jazz-up” the site’s block quotes in general, so watch this post for changes.

This quote is “pulled” to the right.
Nulla facilisi. Vivamus nec nibh nunc. Phasellus malesuada non dolor ut faucibus. Cras imperdiet tincidunt arcu vel volutpat. Vivamus pretium nunc a sem hendrerit, eget rhoncus eros tincidunt.

You can also do some special stuff with quotes because of the theme-template upon which this site is built. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t appear as though they were smart enough to include these extra blockquote options on the “Visual” (i.e. WYSIWYG) tab of the editor. Anyway, here goes:

You could do the same thing by “pulling” a quote to the left. I’ll try to remember to include this in the primer if I ever get around to assembling it.

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