Professional Disorientation.

APP Editors’ Note: Jeremy Tauzer is a PhD student in philosophy at Saint Louis University. INTRODUCTION Imagine, or perhaps recall, the ideals of the incoming philosophy grad student. This student has emerged from encounters with the sarcasm of Socrates, the loftiness of Plato, the painstaking system-making of Aristotle, the epistemological turmoil and ethical theorizing of … [continue reading]

The Elective Affinity Between Analytic Philosophy and the Political Status Quo. Some Apocalyptic Follow-Up Thoughts on “On the Emergence of American Analytic Philosophy"

In a very cool recent article in British Journal for the History of Philosophy, “On the Emergence of American Analytic Philosophy,”  Joel Katzav and Krist Vaesen argue, compellingly, that the mid-20th century emergence of Analytic philosophy in the USA consisted in an institutional take-over of leading philosophy departments and leading journals by Analytic philosophers, in … [continue reading]

Professional Philosophy’s Failed Revolution. Reflections on Intellectual Dictatorship, Instrumental Reason, and Neo-Fascism

The German-Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin is often credited with the statement “behind every fascism is a failed revolution.” Allegedly, Benjamin made this statement in his essay Theories of German Fascism: On the Collection of Essays War and Warrior, edited by Ernst Jünger, and was originally published in 1930. Although the sentence seems not to be … [continue reading]

Analytic Philosophy and the Sciences.

December 20, 2016/February 6, 2017 What started as a discussion about the (doomed?) state of continental philosophy turned last week to the reasons that analytic philosophers claimed the ‘continental flag’ for themselves. Now, the discussion concludes by moving into the relationship between analytic philosophy and the sciences, and what this means for everyone. Babette Babich: … [continue reading]

Claiming the Continental Flag.

December 13, 2016/January 30, 2017 The dialogue began when I asked Babette Babich what characterises the (dying) tradition of continental philosophy, and why so many philosophers feel the need to ‘claim’ the term for their work. Following on from last week, the discussion continues as we explore the appropriation of the continental title by analytic … [continue reading]

What is Continental Philosophy?

December 06, 2016/January 23, 2017 Last week I asked Babette Babich what characterises the (dying) tradition of continental philosophy, and why so many philosophers feel the need to ‘claim’ the term for their work. This week, the discussion continues as we move towards a positive exploration of continental philosophy practices, as opposed to the thriving … [continue reading]

Last of the Continental Philosophers.

November 29, 2016/January 16, 2017 Babette Babich’s philosophical writing is exuberant, poetic, and very much in the spirit of Nietzsche. Hardly coincidental that she is director of The Nietzsche Society and editor of the journal New Nietzsche Studies. In these series of dialogues, we talk about philosophy, music, and corporate venality, starting with the discussion … [continue reading]