The Rational Human Condition 3, Deep Freedom and Real Persons: A Study in Metaphysics, Section 1.0–Natural Libertarianism and Minded Animalism.

THE RATIONAL HUMAN CONDITION, PART 1 PREFACE AND GENERAL INTRODUCTION TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 1.0  What It Is Section 1.1  Bounded in a Nutshell Section 1.2  Rational Anthropology vs. Analytic Metaphysics, the Standard Picture, and Scientific Naturalism Section 1.3  Philosophy and Its History: No Deep Difference Section 1.4  Works of Philosophy vs. Philosophical Theories: Presentational … [continue reading]

Thinking Life: A Philosophical Fiction, Part 6—Divine Madness, Section 1.

APP Editors’ Prefatory Note: In “Philosophy Unbound,” we resolved to publish original works of real philosophy freed from the constraints of professional academic philosophy, come hell or high water. Our first project flowing from that philosophy unbound resolution is the five-part, four-book series, The Rational Human Condition, which, starting on 3 July 2017, is being … [continue reading]