An Introduction to Metamodernism.

APP Editors’ Note: Philip Damico is a metamodernist. Metamodernism is an emerging movement that hopes to synthesize both postmodernism (a movement and era in philosophy and art that’s loosely characterized by moral relativism and abstract art that began in the mid 20th century and continues to this day) and modernism (a movement and era in … [continue reading]

Radical Enlightenment 2: Dialectical Enlightenment. Toward a Positive Research Program

Our recent article, “Aliens, Antisemitism, and Academia,” in Jacobin Magazine, has elicited a flurry of responses, running the gamut from enthusiastic to excoriating. However, most of the critical replies have remained at the level of exegetics. That is, they have questioned whether our championing of the “Radical Enlightenment” tradition accurately reflects the whole body of … [continue reading]

Radical Enlightenment 1: Aliens, Antisemitism, and Academia.

APP Editors’ Note: Landon Frim and Harrison Fluss are alumni of SUNY-Stony Brook’s doctoral program in Philosophy. Landon is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at St. Joseph’s College-New York. Harrison is a lecturer in philosophy at St. John’s University and Manhattan College. (Jacobin, 11 March 2017) A scandal is brewing in academia. The photo accompanying a … [continue reading]