Susan Haack’s “Scientism and its Discontents,” Part 1 of 3.

APP Editors’ Note: Susan Haack’s “Scientism and its Discontents” was originally published by Rounded Globe in 2017, here. With the permission of the author, APP is hereby re-posting/re-publishing it in three parts. The full bibliography will appear at the end of the third part. Clicking on the hot links in the Table of Contents, directly … [continue reading]

Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin.

The history of [Candide’s] world-famous phrase, which serves as the book’s conclusion – il faut cultiver notre jardin – is … peculiar. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it didn’t come into written use in English until the early 1930s – in America through Oliver Wendell Holmes and in Britain thanks to Lytton Strachey. But … [continue reading]

Professional Philosophy’s Failed Revolution. Reflections on Intellectual Dictatorship, Instrumental Reason, and Neo-Fascism

The German-Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin is often credited with the statement “behind every fascism is a failed revolution.” Allegedly, Benjamin made this statement in his essay Theories of German Fascism: On the Collection of Essays War and Warrior, edited by Ernst Jünger, and was originally published in 1930. Although the sentence seems not to be … [continue reading]

Analytic Philosophy and the Sciences.

December 20, 2016/February 6, 2017 What started as a discussion about the (doomed?) state of continental philosophy turned last week to the reasons that analytic philosophers claimed the ‘continental flag’ for themselves. Now, the discussion concludes by moving into the relationship between analytic philosophy and the sciences, and what this means for everyone. Babette Babich: … [continue reading]

How Philosophy Won the Presidency and Leads the World.

APP Editors’ Note: Professor Trumpolini holds the John Birch Society Extremely Well-Endowed, Extremely Well-Funded, and Extremely Distinguished University Professorship in Political Metaphysics at the University of The Great Wall, Del Rio TX. In my recent essay, “American Fascism” I demonstrated a priori, by means of political metaphysics, that fascism is the right politics for contemporary … [continue reading]