Utopia Now: Something for Philosophers to Do.

I. Introduction: Collective Altruism In a recent edgy essay, starting with some ideas borrowed from Rutger Bregman’s excellent book, Utopia for Realists, I briefly sketched a realistic utopian political proposal I called radical utopia for realists. That line of thinking was then super-charged by my recently working through two other equally excellent books on altruism … [continue reading]

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised On The APA Website.

  I.  Introduction The Punch-and-Judy show that is masquerading as the current US Presidential election pits a bigot, demagogue, and would-be tyrant (Trump-Punch), against a seasoned Establishment insider and card-carrying member of the military-industrial-university complex (Clinton-Judy). So, for a philosopher, there really isn’t much to think about: we temporarily put aside our worries about Clinton-Judy/insider-politics-as-usual, … [continue reading]

Universal Basic Income for Philosophers.

The idea of a universal basic income (UBI) is currently being much-discussed in Europe and elsewhere, in part–or even largely–because of Rutger Bregman’s extremely readable and well-argued presentation of the UBI idea in Utopia for Realists. Here are Bregman’s ideas and arguments in a nutshell. UBI means that every adult person gets a decent living … [continue reading]

Is Professional Philosophy a Bullshit Job?

In his well-known 2013 essay, “The Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs,” the political anthropologist David Graeber defines and criticizes what he calls “bullshit jobs.” Bullshit jobs are meaningless, pointless jobs that, although they may pay extremely well, make no beneficial or salient difference to anyone else’s lives or to humanity in general, and also are characteristically … [continue reading]