Serious Philosophy

© 2016 Susan Haack. All rights reserved.1 the spirit … is the most essential thing—the motive…—C. S.Peirce2 At dinner the night before I was to give a talk in her department, a young professor solemnly told me that there’s no place for humor in serious philosophy. Since the paper on the relation of science and … [continue reading]

Real Philosophy Re-Discovered 5: Edgar Allan Poe’s “Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe,” aka “Eureka: A Prose Poem.” With an Introduction by Z.

1.  Introduction, by Z The assumption that the universe, aka the cosmos, aka nature, aka the world, is purely and exclusively physical and essentially mechanical, is one of the great unexamined presuppositions of modern, Baconian/Cartesian, Newtonian, and post-Newtonian science and philosophy, especially including deterministic interpretations of relativity physics, quantum mechanics, and Darwinian evolutionary biology. But … [continue reading]

Shrinkwrapped Profundity: The “2-for-1” Package Deal of Professional Philosophical Bullshit. Studies in the History of Philosophy and Critical Metaphilosophy 7.

BY OTTO PAANS[1] 1. Introduction In the first installment in this series on the nature and varieties of philosophical bullshit, I dealt with the topic of incoherent philosophical bullshit. In this second installment, I deal with professional philosophical bullshit. There are multiple ways of dealing with this topic. One way would be to collect samples … [continue reading]

“The Violence of Forgetting.” (NYT Re-Post. With an Introduction by Z.)

New York Times, 20 June 2016 1. Introduction by Z I urge you to read this extremely interesting interview with Henry Geroux carefully, but also to compare and contrast it with APP’s third and first anarcho-philosophical dialogues, “Memory and the Political Philosophy of Cognition” and “What (the Hell) is Enlightenment?” Apart from our appeal to … [continue reading]

Memory and the Political Philosophy of Cognition. Anarcho-Philosophical Dialogues 3. By L_E, OP, SK, Y, & Z.

L_E:  Greetings to SK, Z, OP, and Y! For this anarcho-philosophical dialogue, I’d like us to think and talk about the nature of memory. I’ve been concerned with the question of whether the past exists and/or is real, and whether our memories of past events are reliable at all. Some studies have suggested that memory … [continue reading]