APP is Not Alone, Sort-Of: “Where Academic Philosophy Went Wrong,” “Alternative Academias,” & “The Career Move That Dare Not Speak Its Name” (CH, PP, and DN Re-Posts, With Afterwords by Z)

1. Where Academic Philosophy Went Wrong, by Charles Huenemann. CH’s personal blog, 19 August 2014 A potted history: I believe Peter Sloterdijk is right that the Enlightenment has been followed by philosophical cynicism, or an impressive array of natural knowledge unaccompanied by any faith in providence. The U.S., which became the dominant intellectual and cultural … [continue reading]

Philosoflicks 5: caesargodkantgoldman.

WHAT IS A PHILOSOFLICK? In “Let’s Make More Movies,” the epistemological anarchist Paul Feyerabend wrote this: The separation of subjects that is such a pronounced characteristic of modern philosophy is … not altogether undesirable. It is a step on the way to a more satisfactory type of myth. What is needed to proceed further is … [continue reading]

EDGY SPEECH DOUBLE FEATURE 2. A Plea for Edgy Philosophy.

1. Nowadays, philosophy is practiced almost universally at universities. If you want to be a philosopher, it’s almost inevitable that you should be a “professional philosopher” working as an “academic”. I have explored elsewhere some of the harms of this association. While professionalizing philosophy looks like a good thing, I shall argue that it kills … [continue reading]

EDGY SPEECH DOUBLE FEATURE 1. The Leiter-Motif in the Sartwell Debate, and the Double-Edged Sword.

FK: I’ve read the recent post on Sartwell by W1 and X1, and they’re right of course, especially with respect to the sanctimonious silence from those who usually shout at every opportunity. But it might also be good to point out that Brian Leiter at least is on the right side by defending Sartwell’s fundamental … [continue reading]

On Playing the “Mental Health Issues” Card in the Crispin Sartwell Debate. By W1 and X1.

In the well-known professional philosophy blog, The Daily Arse, and elsewhere online, some people have been claiming that Crispin Sartwell is suffering from “mental health” (what an awful, but aptly Foucauldian, euphemism) “issues,” and that this explains away whatever is going on. The charge has the triple-benefit of: 1. Making the charger appear so very … [continue reading]

The Unbearable Leiter of Being. By V.

APP Editors’ Note: V is a full professor of philosophy at a research university–and a star gazer. The stars. There are so very many stars. And we are so small. Yet, some would make us smaller still. To have been given a fine brain and to use it for petty and ignoble ends is bad … [continue reading]

What It’s Like to Exit Professional Philosophy: Crispin Sartwell. By Z and Crispin Sartwell.

APP Editors’ Note: What is it like to exit professional philosophy? The first item below is re-posted from Crispin Sartwell’s blog. It refers to the amazing “Out.” The second is new and exclusive to APP. And this just arrived from CS: “update. i have been removed from my campus on the grounds that posting miranda … [continue reading]