Abusive Speech vs. Edgy Speech: Professional Philosophy’s Fanny Squeers and Professional Philosophy’s Lenny Bruce. (APP's Non-Readers Talk Back! Again, and EotS Re-Post)

APP Editors’ Note: FS is a tenured full professor of philosophy at a state university somewhere in Texas, and Crispin Sartwell is a tenured associate professor of philosophy at Dickinson College. If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If both the facts and the … [continue reading]

From Professional Vocabularies and the Ethics of Terminology to Presentational Polymorphism: A Conversation about Otto Paans’s “The Pre-Structured Professional.” By Z, L_E, Boethius, & OP.

Z: OP’s essay, “The Pre-Structured Professional,” leads in many fascinating directions, and has correspondingly many important implications. But before I get down to that, I want to quote, between the rows of asterisks below, a few pages of a highly APP-relevant, prescient, and characteristically beautifully-written, jargon-free essay by Susan Haack from the late 2000s, “The … [continue reading]

APP is Not Alone 5, Double Feature: 2. “Wanted: A Future for Philosophy” (CHE Re-Post). By Adam Briggle and Robert Frodeman.

Chronicle of Higher Education, July 16, 2014 How goes it with the institution of philosophy? Consider the situation of “Jeremy,” a Ph.D. student in the graduate program at the University of North Texas. As a second-year student, he has a teaching fellowship. This means that in addition to taking nine credit hours of graduate coursework, … [continue reading]

APP is Not Alone 5, Double Feature: 1. “A New Philosophy for the 21st Century” (CHE Re-Post). By Adam Briggle and Robert Frodeman.

Chronicle of Higher Education. December 11, 2011 We have devoted our lives to philosophy. We want the field to survive and, if possible, prosper. But it is increasingly doubtful that academic philosophy can thrive in an era of declining budgets, soaring debts, antipathy to tax increases, and new technologies such as distance education. Of course, … [continue reading]

The Pre-Structured Professional Philosopher: Vocabularies in Action. (Re-edited February 2018)

At least since Bacon’s 1620 Novum Organum, the ideal of acquiring knowledge about the natural world as well as the world of human affairs has critically hinged on the ideal of a distanced, dispassionate observer who just documents the observations he makes. In philosophy and science, formal logic and clear, transparent methods have long been … [continue reading]

“I Sure Don’t Need to Read This”: One Way of Dismissing APP. APP's Non-Readers Talk Back! Too.

“I’m afraid I don’t like your manner,” he said, using the edge of his voice. “I’ve had complaints about it,” I said. “But nothing seems to do any good.” –Philip Marlowe* *In R. Chandler, Farewell My Lovely (New York: First Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, 1992), p. 51. APP Editors’ note: Y’All is a tenured full professor … [continue reading]

What is a Work of Philosophy? (Re-edited January 2018)

1. By “philosophy” (aka “real philosophy”), I mean synoptic, systematic, rational reflection on the individual and collective human condition, and on the thoroughly nonideal natural and social world in which human and other conscious animals live, move, and have their being. 1.1 But the primary aim of real philosophy is to change one’s own life, … [continue reading]

APP is Not Alone 4: “The Fragmentation of Philosophy, The Road to Reintegration” (AC.EDU Re-Post) By Susan Haack.

Münster Lecture, Universität Münster, November 2013. Forthcoming soon in E.M. Jung and J. Göhner (eds.), Susan Haack: Reintegrating Philosophy (Springer Verlag), and also posted on Academia.edu. … every fact leads to every other …. . Only men do not yet see how, always. And your business is to make plainer the way from some one … [continue reading]