A New Year’s Special: My APA Presidential Address, Third and Final Draft. With Some Ghost-Writing by V.

APP Editors’ note: V is a tenured full professor of philosophy at a public university somewhere in North America, and one of Z’s small yet steadily growing insurgency of inside-professional-philosophy guerrilla comrades and fellow travelers. 1. Members of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association, I’m a failed professional academic philosopher, but recovering, and … [continue reading]

Genuine Puzzlement: A Philosopher of Science Talks Back! to APP, & Z Replies with an Analogy. A Conversation Between PoS and Z.

APP Editors’ Note: PoS is a philosopher of science and an associate professor in a non-US subsidiary of a top-ranked US philosophy department. PoS: Your website is down, I guess professionalism is good for something after all… Z: Re website functionality: Sorry! It seems to be working fine now. Re professionalism: You might find this … [continue reading]

Plato and Professional Philosophy. Studies in Critical Metaphilosophy & Critical History of Philosophy 1.

1. A Prefatory Note, by Z. My first passionate loves in philosophy were Plato, life-changing metaphysics, early Wittgenstein, life-changing metaphysics, Whitehead, life-changing metaphysics, Kant, and life-changing metaphysics. In the late 70s, in my Plato phase, working ecstatically on my senior thesis on Plato, Kant, and the life-changing metaphysics of value (yes, 70s naif that I … [continue reading]

Professional Philosophy, Scientism, and Frankenscience.

1. By scientism, I mean the four-part philosophical ideology consisting of: (i) scientific naturalism as a metaphysical thesis, namely reductive or non-reductive physicalism, plus universal natural mechanism (= everything is either naturally deterministic or naturally indeterministic, but in any case necessarily causally fixed by the general causal laws of nature, especially including the Conservation Laws, … [continue reading]