Call for Manuscripts: Studies in Critical Metaphilosophy & Critical History of Philosophy.

1. The APP Editors, W, X, Y, and Z, hereby announce a call-for-manuscripts for Studies in Critical Metaphilosophy & Critical History of Philosophy (SCM&CHP). –Manuscripts can be of any length, from 1-2 page short essays to book-length studies. –The Editors are also fully open to considering relevant philosophical manuscripts done in non-traditional formats or genres, e.g., … [continue reading]

Rebel Arts Education. A Simple Model for Real Research, Teaching, and Learning Outside the Professional Academic State

I.  THE ESSAY. 1. It’s entirely clear that higher education is in crisis, in at least five basic ways: (i) it’s deeply “commodified” by global corporate capitalism in the age of political neoliberalism, and in thrall to a false ideal of Enlightenment Lite, as described in this APP essay— From Enlightenment Lite to Nihilism: How … [continue reading]

Production for Use. Professional Philosophy as a Highly Efficient System for Treating People Merely as Means

1.One doesn’t have to be a Kantian to realize that, other things being equal, treating people (oneself or others) merely as means, that is, treating people merely as instruments to the achievement of some other end that is beyond the best interests or dignity of those people themselves, is a morally bad thing. Of course … [continue reading]

Cognitive Self-Sovereignty. A Personal Take on Heavy Duty Enlightenment.

APP Editors’ note: Abelard is a full-time lecturer in philosophy at a public university somewhere in North America. Other recent discussions of Heavy Duty Enlightenment on APP include: From Enlightenment Lite to Nihilism: How Professional Philosophy Has Totally Let Everyone Down about the Real Purpose of an Undergraduate Liberal Arts Education. Beyond Enlightenment Lite. You … [continue reading]