Real Philosophy from the Outside. A Conversation between M, Boethius, L-E, and Z. (APP’s Readers Talk Back! 3)

APP Editors’ note: M is a recent PhD in philosophy, and also the holder of an advanced degree in law, who is currently teaching in a non-TT position at a public university somewhere in Europe; Boethius is a tenured associate professor of philosophy at a public university somewhere in North America; & L_E is a … [continue reading]

Which Brand Do You Identify With? Brand Loyalty as Discrimination in Professional Philosophy. An Edgy Essay by W1.

Are you Analytic-coke, or Continental-pepsi? Are you Femininist-Tareyton, or non-Feminist-Tareyton? Would you rather fight than switch? 1:01 Now remove ‘coke’, ‘pepsi’, and ‘Tareyton’ from those all-too-familiar professional-philosophy labels. Do you now see how essentially stupid, rationally unjustified, or even immoral it is for you to identify yourself with one brand of professional philosophy than another? … [continue reading]

Philosoflicks 2, Installment 1. Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, Preface & Letters I-IV. Text-platform by Mary Shelley. Cine-Phenomenology, Intertitles, Montage, & Scoring by Z.

INTRODUCTORY NOTE By cine-phenomenology, I mean the direct expression of philosophical ideas in cinematic, visual terms, from a first-person point of view. Intertitles are printed texts inserted into (especially silent) films in order to convey dialogue, descriptions, or expository material directly relevant to but not necessarily covered by the filmed material, e.g., Montage is the … [continue reading]

Let’s Crash Out! Real Philosophy, Anti-Professional Style, and the Right Genre and Medium for the Message. (APP’s Readers Talk Back! 2)

APP Editors’ Note: JV is a graduate student in philosophy at a public university somewhere in North America; Ishmael is a tenured associate professor of philosophy at a small private university somewhere in North America; and L_E is a PhD student in philosophy at a public university somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere. This conversation refers … [continue reading]

How the Journals are Making Me Lose the Philosophical Will-to-Live. ...with an Epilogue by Z, including a Classic Rejection-Letter.

I. THE ESSAY This essay describes my own personal take on certain aspects of what Z has called the Publication Racket. When philosophy journals contact me to request that I referee an article, they typically request that I submit my review within two months. Some journals request that I submit my review in as little … [continue reading]

You are Not a Machine! A Philosoflick by Z.

In “Let’s Make More Movies,” the epistemological anarchist Paul Feyerabend wrote this: The separation of subjects that is such a pronounced characteristic of modern philosophy is therefore not altogether undesirable. It is a step on the way to a more satisfactory type of myth. What is needed to proceed further is not the return to … [continue reading]

Philosophy Leiterized: How We Reduce Vermeers to Cow Plops, and How A Measure Colonizes Our Behavior.

No, I’m NOT going to attack Brian Leiter— That’s been done many times before. What I’m interested in are these two paragraphs from Leiter’s Wikipedia article: Philosophical Gourmet Report In 1989, while he was a graduate student, Leiter made a list of what he believed, initially based on his own impressions and research, to be … [continue reading]