Women Philosophers Can Be Just as Fucked Up as Men Philosophers

An APP-sympathizer attended a philosophy conference in the South recently, and was equally amazed and dismayed by the public performance of a well-known woman philosopher, who…. Well, I’ll let my APP-sympathizer friend tell it in her own words, minimally edited for anonymity’s sake: “Speaking of ‘professional philosophy’, the conference I attended in WWW a couple … [continue reading]

“Fear, What’s Fashionable, and Fear”: An Untenured Woman Philosopher’s Thoughts on the State of Contemporary Professional Philosophy

Author’s Note: Roughly 18 months ago, I was at a philosophy conference and had several long conversations with a super-smart and super-nice 20-something woman philosopher who’s an untenured assistant professor at a private university somewhere in North America. Let’s call her “W.” Over the course of three days, W and I talked about all sorts … [continue reading]